Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, . . .” ~Lord Byron

So walk with me a little while in the pathless woods and reflect upon the unknown….
…I find myself enchanted by Byron’s “pathless woods,” and it isn’t hard to visualize them: tall, crowding trees, between which you make your way; the scent of earth and foliage and of evergreens. And, looking up, a patch of bright blue sky…. And, unless a leaf fell or a bird sang, there would be silence in the woods except for one’s own footsteps which would, I dare say, be hushed also.

In the woods there must be a sense that time has ceased and that for a moment we pause on the edge of some extraordinary discovery, that for the space of a heartbeat we are close to knowledge, on the verge of the solution to all problems, on the threshold of an answer.

Pathless woods, steeped in peace and towering between heaven and earth would, I think, have that answer waiting for us if we were receptive enough to hear it.

…Here in the woods, perhaps we can listen with the heart and with the spirit, and hear the trees speak of growth, and the earth of seeds and silence, and looking up to the sky, hear sunlight singing.”
― Faith Baldwin, Evening Star