About Me

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.~ Anais Nin

There have been dozens of friends and internet followers inquire about my peculiar Political Affiliation.  “What exactly is a Conservative Libertarian Bohemian Revolutionary???”

My answer is, I’m not entirely sure, but for me, it rings true.  The truth is, I believe in Mutual Respect, Personal Responsibility, Liberty, Freedom, Compassion, and simply trying to find a way to blur the sharp lines of division caused by our two-party system.
In fact, I loathe labels, and remain un-defined.  So, a Conservative Libertarian Bohemian Revolutionary, is….me.  It’s a fiscally conservative, socially liberal, free spirit who seeks to make a positive change, no matter how small, in the current ‘state of our union’, or disunion, as it so often appears.

Here’s My Real Take on Politics…I’m not exactly a political atheist…although I’ve come close after seeing the ugliness which ensues from political discord. Yes, I have political leanings, and political  passions as well…but I believe there’s a time, a place, and way to express those beliefs and passions in a constructive way, one which does not first seek to cause further division, and alienation. For instance, name calling, over-hashed strawman argumentation, parroting of a party’s stances without careful consideration of the reason behind those beliefs…these kinds of political “debate”, I have no use for.  I think Common Sense tempered with a strong sense of decency and respect for others, is the only way we’ll make strides forward as a nation, and as a people, for that matter.

Politics aside, I love to cook old family recipes from the Southern United States, snap photographs of just about anything and everything, and make videos with those photos for my family and friends. I’m into ancestry and known as my family’s historian…I look to the past to remember where I came from in order to know myself better at this stage in my life. So, my blogging will be a hodgepodge of photos, daily musings, recipes, and music videos of mini-getaways.