Crowdsource Question?

Crowdsource Question?
Do any piano aficionados out there know where I can find out the age of my piano?
My Daddy and my Grannie pitched in and got it for me when I was 12… it has been with me for 42 years and they bought it used, in Jacksonville Florida from a private seller.
It’s a Gordon Laughead Pianofortes upright, serial # 21118.

Thanks for any info you might have.


  1. Thanks Rob Shinn​ & William Johnston​.
    I’m feeling much younger than this piano now… I have found some online that were made in the early sixties but they have different legs with more of a curve.


  2. So, Patrick Horgan​ , I see now how the serial numbers would fall in between those dates.  There’s a very high likelihood it was in fact ‘born’ the same year as me.  1962, is a high probability!


  3. I read that, Scott Wilson  & séain Gutridge .  I love finding the history of special things like this…it’s about the closest we have to a ‘family heirloom’. 
    🙂  And yeah, it is beautiful. (Thanks, you, too Cilla C ) It’s lived in Jacksonville, Florida with me on Marion Street, then to Dunlap, Illinois, then to a house in Chillicothe, Illinois, then to my parents in Centralia, IL, traveled to Long Beach, California with me in the mid 80’s, back IL in 1990…and back with me again in 96 up here when we bought our house. 
    I think I’ll keep on keeping it near me as long as I can.


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