1. Emily and I were celebrating graduation from Nursing School….and my divorce was final three days before we left.
    Then, this tall dude walks on the boat behind us, and as it turns out is staying in the room RIGHT BESIDE ours. lol
    I didn’t have much to do with him on the cruise, he hung out with Emily for the most part…but yeah.
    That all changed after we all got back to Illinois. 🙂  A year later from the date we met, he proposed…and the rest, is history.


  2. We must compare divorce stories, Heather Manfredi  🙂
    And yep…that’s him, The Krinnster !  First time I laid eyes on him, I was like, ‘meh’.  Don’t talk to me. 


  3. He dresses up well Bill Abrams​… just not often.
    & you’re right… he looks pretty happy… Even on the last day when he was so tired he couldn’t hold his head up.


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