Beginnings and Endings

I was watching a YouTube video the other day of a circa 1971 performance by James Taylor. I’ve always loved this song, but it was his spoken words before and after the song that struck me as significant at this time on my journey.

In the opening act he speaks of playing a new song that doesn’t have a title yet… He goes on to explain that this song is about “not always getting what you want”.

Long ago and far away as he explains, is a musically cyclical melody…but I believe it’s also a reflection of how cyclical and circular certain events, lessons, loves and life itself can be.

At the end of the song, James remarks, “and it doesn’t have an ending yet, either”.

Beginnings and endings …sometimes it’s difficult to tell one from the other… or maybe they’re all just a part of the greater grander scheme.

Watch “James Taylor Long Ago and Far Away” on YouTube
Long Ago and Far Away

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