Blurs and Unsharp Photography – Guided Play

Blurs and Unsharp Photography – Guided Play 2016, Final Plus Post & Graduation Album

I Meant To Do That

For the past 2 months I’ve been fortunate to be learning about Intentional Camera Movement and how to blur the lines of our perception. Thanks to the Blurs and Unsharp Mentorship supported by the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers and Robin Griggs Wood and guided by the ever-present, uber-talented and seemingly tireless Alex Lapidus I will never again look at my camera, nor my subjects of photography the same.

It’s been an eye-opening experience, even if I had to start out this learning process by squinting. What I’ve found is that Blur brings a freedom to express emotion, calm and energy, through our captures…it has liberated me from worrying over exact camera settings, whether I’ve got a steady hand, or a super-sharp focus. We can tell our stories with the use of blurs and unsharp by conveying mood, color, motion and feeling…and the possibilities to express those things are endless.

We were guided though ICM, creative use of camera apps and computer software, zooming and panning techniques, long exposure, capturing reflections and so many other ways to look at photography, besides the traditional sharp focus.

It’s been eye-opening…it’s been an absolute blast…and I would encourage any and all of you out there who are looking to add new tools to your photographic toy boxes to apply for this mentorship if you get the chance.

I’m almost sad to see this Mentorship come to a close, but I will most definitely be taking the tools I’ve collected during this course along with me on my continued journey.

Thanks once more, Alex, for your carefully considered comments and your comprehensive and detailed assignments. Thank you as well, for offering this mentorship to those of us who have now found our Muse…as Guru Dutt says, you are truly Master of all things Blur.

July 20, 2016