1. There must be a reason all the names are on this building. When I was little my grandfather had a saying: “Fools names like fools faces are often seen in public places”! He said that when he found names or sayings defacing places, such as a park or something. This was a long time before graffiti that he said that!!! I love this BobbieZen. It reminds me of Pioneer Rock outside of Pocotello, Idaho.


  2. Donna McClure I’m not sure when it first started here, but the entire building has become quite a work of art! Traditionally they encouraged visiting boaters to write the names of their boats on the boathouse…it’s grown into something much larger.
    I wonder what your grandfather would have thought of this?! 🙂


  3. BobbieZen I can’t begin to imagine what my grandfather would think of something like this. It was considered very bad to deface public places in the 40’s! Oh how times have changed!!


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