One of the many unusual things I noticed while visiting Australia (besides the sounds of the birds whose unfamiliar birdsong woke me each morning), were all the different types of native vegetation that I hadn’t seen nor experienced before.

I found this tree on the lawn above Bondi beach to have an interesting pattern of bark, … which happens to be the theme for today’s #JoinInDaily with Johnny Wills


  1. Charles Gaines They can move pretty fast… And are known to bite if their territory is invaded, so it’s best to stay on your toes… Or your four wheeler! 🙂


  2. Al Chris Whale watching sounds wonderful! I was fortunate to get out on the harbor for a ride on their boat on a gorgeous day.
    I came for a 50th birthday party for my Australian host brother… He lived with my parents with the Rotary Exchange program for a year when he was 16-years-old…My younger brother was an exchange student in Denmark at the time and I was in college. 🙂 He lives in Darlinghurst and they were the most wonderful hosts I could’ve asked for.


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