1. Di Cleverly Thanks Di, I’m glad! I am loving reliving it through my photo albums! I only wish I had actually taken my camera… But my cell phone camera did a good enough job documenting my trip for me. 🙂


  2. Jake Kern The home built there is also a piece of art… It’s called Hollaback Farm named after it’s inhabitants… and it is a stellar piece of architecture! I was truly blessed to be able to visit and be an overnight guest!


  3. Congratulations! This image has been selected by Ellie Kennard to be included in the 2018 Farm Friday Featured and Selected collection at the page: Farm Friday !
    Thanks for sharing this lovely image with us for #farmfriday, BobbieZen Have a wonderful weekend! And thanks for helping our Farm Friday page to be verified, by your contributions to our theme and this collection to be selected for featuring by the Google+ team! https://plus.google.com/collection/kBYfSF
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