Hyde Park, the oldest public parkland in Australia.

My first day in Sydney began with an afternoon stroll through infamous Hyde Park, the oldest public parkland in Australia located in the central business district of Sydney, New South Wales. Armed with no more than my iPhone camera during this visit, I remembered “the best camera is the camera you have with you”.

The central pathway through the park is stunning, lined with beautiful fig-trees that provide a natural canopy for the walkway. In the very center of Hyde Park, visitors flock to the Archibald Fountain, commemorating the collaboration of France and Australia during World War I. Carved statues of figures from Greek mythology grace the fountain, which was named for John F. Archibald, founding editor of the Australian weekly newspaper, The Bulletin.
Designated as world heritage site: December 13, 2011
Did you know?: Although architect Francis Greenway envisaged it as the ‘grand quadrangle’ of a neoclassical town plan, Hyde Park’s first use was as a course for horseracing.
Info borrowed from Wikipedia and aviewoncities.com
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