“Unlike a fountain that circulates the same water in an enclosed, perpetually recycling system, a human being…

“Unlike a fountain that circulates the same water in an enclosed, perpetually recycling system, a human being circulates thoughts in an unlimited reservoir of self.
Don’t limit yourself to being a mere fountain when you contain an ocean.”
~ Vera Nazarian
#Nashville   #Opryland


  1. Hi Donna McClure ! I have quite a few shots from this fountain and the beautiful light show that was put on that evening….there was every color in the rainbow displayed. This bluish green was my favorite. thanks!


  2. Your talent and artistic vision are inspiring BobbieZen. Oh, and a technical question (again, ’cause I’m a technical guy) — how do you like that Sigma 18-250? I’ve been thinking about getting one. I have a couple of Sigma lenses (8-16 and 105 macro) that I really like and am impressed by. I have a good Zeiss 16-80 that is just about perfect for general use, but I’d like to have something with a bit longer reach.
    Remember: You can never be too thin or too rich, or have too many lenses! (Or is it shoes? I forget.)


  3. 😀 William Parmley
    You can never have too many shoes or lenses! Honestly that is my favorite lens, and it is the one that remains on my camera 90% of the time! I took the advice from Brett Lipton , and my kit lens has not been attached to my camera ever since (except for during the Camera basics:Beyond automatic mentorship)! I’m saving up for a Tamron zoom…and still thinking about upgrading my T2i to something marvelous that I probably can’t afford. 🙂
    And thank you very much for that kind compliment …I have learned a lot this past year, thanks to participation in G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers ! If you haven’t done so yet, follow them and keep an eye out for their free mentorship sign-ups… it will truly enrich your time behind the lens!


  4. Thanks BobbieZen. Yeah, I think kit lenses are something you should only buy once in your life. As you advance and acquire whatever lenses best fit your needs, shooting style, and budget, just plan to upgrade your camera body when the time comes to do that.


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