American Diner

American Diner

I’m not telling you, ‘Never eat a hamburger.’ Just eat the good ones with real beef, you know, like the ones from that mom-and-pop diner down the street, … And it’s so good that when you take a bite out of that burger, you just know somewhere in the world a vegan is crying.
~Homer Simpson

iPhone snapshots
Florence, Wisconsin


  1. BobbieZen Many many years ago, back before the 90’s my ex in-laws owned a big local diner in Doylestown, PA. I waitressed there and played hostess when needed.
    What I remember as being the most popular item was the hot roast beef or turkey on bread with gravy and mashed potatoes. People loved that.

    I just love the big coffee urns and the great coffee!!


  2. Great catch, Ambra Vanderpool. I remember when that movie came out. Somehow I missed it. I found it Amazon’s streaming service for $3.99 Going to have to see it now. Thanks 🙂


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