1. I’m going to UNmake this wordless Cilla C …lol…because I simply have to talk about this.
    at first, I wanted star trails, but I think if I had gone with shorter shutter speed I’d be happier with this one.


  2. I went out to the darkest lake we could find and Used higher ISO 3200, wide angle 30sec exposure with the tripod…that’s about as good as it gets with my Canon rebel. David Thiery 🙂


  3. Bahahahahahaha! I love you so stinking much! #NotWordlessOnWednesday

    For star trails you need to put your camera on Bulb and leave the shutter open for an hour or so.


  4. Great shot! Cilla C, please don’t do that — you’ll cook your sensor. To create star trails, you’ll want to stack an hour or two’s worth of shorter exposures, typically 30 seconds each. Let me know if/when you’re ready to try it and want more details.


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