I feel like I’ve missed so much in the past week…

I feel like I’ve missed so much in the past week…
Posts from my favorite Geeps, Community updates, things I need to study and ponder and comment on…but, there’s just been WAY too much real life getting priority this past week. What started out as a fun long weekend to Nashville, turned into a frantic rush to get back to my Dad while he was being helicoptered to Springfield and the wonderful physicians of Prairie Heart Institute last Sunday. My mom was out of the country, and then in Miami when she got the call…getting her home, getting both her and I to him, and getting them both back where they belong has proven to bit more exhausting than I’d imagined.
I haven’t seen my hubby in 10 days. I’ve seen way too many doctors, pharmacies, Life Flight helicopters, gurneys and countless combinations of pills, tablets, and capsules that needed to be checked, rechecked and straightened out…but I think I finally have both my Mom and Dad in a place where the confusion is less, the comfort is more, and they’re both HOME where they can care for each other and themselves.
I’m in Mama’s backyard taking time out for a few moments to remember to Breathe…because I may have been holding my breath since last Sunday. Probably.
Hope the rest of you are enjoying a stress-free weekend.
Life is Short. Be Good to Each Other.