Some bridges are falling down

Some bridges are falling down,
Some bridges are still around.
~Jackson Browne

I got a text from one of my oldest and dearest friends this morning… it read, “Heard Take It To The Limit on my way to work. I automatically think of you when I hear that for whatever reason. Hope you have a fabulous Friday! I love you!!!”

Today I am grateful for enduring friendships, connections that are as strong as steel, bonds that have spanned across decades and weathered the tests of time.

Whether you’re in the midst of building bridges, crossing bridges, or burning them down, I hope you stop to appreciate those people in your life who’ve helped carry you over lifes rough waters back to solid ground.

Have a great weekend Geeps.


Photo taken November 7th 2015
Sturgeon Bay Bridge Wisconsin



  1. I think of my 7th grade teacher. I don’t remember her name but she was the music teacher and introduced us to Boney M and Abba in class. It was a pivotal moment in my recognition of music that is more manufactured than it is created.


  2. My seventh grade music teacher was a man named Mr. Ames who looked surprisingly much like Mr. French did in Family Affair… he taught me to love the violin and the Flight of the Bumblebee.
    Some of those teachers really left a mark, didn’t they?


  3. BobbieZen I had band instructors that were inspirational and passionate. I remember one at McMurray college in Abilene, TX (Mr. Fry) whose choice of pieces for us to do has never left me. I would have blistered fingers and numb lips, yet I never minded the hours-long practices. I would have tears running diwn my face as we played challenging, beautiful pieces. The audience couldn’t help but do the same.

    My music apreciation teacher in college influenced my entire family. Jean Brown shared her love of music so expertly and completely, that she had college kids loving opera, inspired my sister to sing opera, and my parents to join the Dallas Symphony chorus. She died of breast cancer, but her inspiration lives on as my son composes songs and my nephew is just beginning to sing, but has always loved music.

    A judge at a competition told me all that I had played incorrectly (I aas always interpreting pieces my own way), but then told me to consider music performance as a career.

    All of these moments left their mark. What a wondrous thing is music.


  4. Music,the universal language! Deidre Huff
    And music teachers are very special people…and now I have an overwhelming urge to go and watch Mr. Holland’s Opus for the umpteenth time.


  5. I can’t really say that I’ve actually seen more than one which I saw with my cousin years ago, Deidre Huff … but if you’ve got a recommendation I’ll be happy to check it out.


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