I Like My Coffee Like I like my friends:

I Like My Coffee Like I like my friends:
Strong, Dependable, Hot, Steamy, and Made with TLC

Oddly enough, I am so looking forward to tomorrow morning. I typically don’t look forward to waking to alarms and prying open eyes seemingly permanently sealed by Mr. Sandman….but for once, I’m looking forward to waking and getting my brew on.

Thanks to friends who are talented beyond measure, and to top that off, generous beyond belief as well…I found, much to my delight, a most aromatic package waiting in my mailbox today. SuperDave happened upon it before I made my way out of the house to the mailbox and jokingly asked “so what good stuff is hiding inside this bag of aromatic coffee beans???”
“Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans, made with Love”, I replied.
“What more is there?”

Thank you my beautiful, creative, talented friend, Cilla. Your homemade roasted brew is just what this weary soul needed…some strong, hot, steaming comfort to jumpstart my day, and feed my soul along with it. Oh, and yes, that’s the gorgeous daisy embroidered tea napkins you sent me last fall…and I love them too, almost as much as I love you.

“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.”
― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women