1. Wow that was fast! I guess i should of put the address a bit higher up but didnt want to cover those vintage Canons! Funny story about how your letter was sent. I went to get in my Jeep (rare cause i usually go on a bike everywhere)  but at the same time, my friend called (who stays in my spare room) to say she was on her way back from work, but was goin to the store, i told her come get me and take me to post office. She does, i grab letters and camera and get in her car. On the way a friend who is a garden nut, calls to say come look at the mexican bauhinia (hong kong orchid tree) that is blooming with pink florals. So we drive there, i take shots, the 7 yr old runs out of house, i give him camera he takes pics of the place he told me “has 4 leaf clovers” in the yard (cute when kids take pics with the Nikon) and then the dog and his granmothers Lily’s. He told me he grandma has “magic” in her hands, because the white lillies come up so big EVERY YEAR, he said. LOL … Oh gosh.. then we finally get a cutting of the bauhinia, and start to leave to go to post office and…. THE POSTMAN walks by us!! I run to purse, hand letters to Andy (7yr old) and tell him to run 2 houses away and give to the postman! He does and the postman waves back at me from there!! SO THAT, is how your letter was delivered!! YAY Yes i have pictures of the bauhinia.. i should post it today.. RAw Manual, a but OOF with the wind….


  2. Wonderful to know the path it took to get here!  From the jeep to the friend and the boy and the dog…and especially, I love the tale of his Granma’s “Magic Hands”. Kids, such a joy at that age. They have a lot to teach us adults at times!
    And…I just adore what you did with your letter…I’m looking forward to responding, via snail mail. 🙂
    You couldn’t have picked a better package to send it in either. THANK YOU. 
    You made my day!


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