CB:BA 2016 – Plus Post Week 3

CB:BA 2016 – Plus Post Week 3
G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers
with our mentors Byron S   and Gloria Joanne Roldan 

Our lesson this week was particularly intimidating …and when I finally grasped the concepts and made the effort, most enlightening….(pun not intended).  It was a taxing week, both personal and professional, and the coursework took a backseat until I was able to catch up.

Learning to use Exposure Compensation and Metering, learning the value of making our cameras do what we want, rather than what it chooses as ‘correct’  in Automatic mode is quite empowering.  This week’s lesson lends well to the “Rebel” spirit of dismissing what’s “correct” and forging into what is even better than “correct”…the vision of the image we choose to portray, given the situation and the subject we wish to highlight. 

This image, intentionally overexposed, highlights a look back into the past…The past is important to me, as it brings me both joy, peace, and today, enlightenment..a shining beacon forward.
The subject is a familiar one, My Mother, at her 1956 High School Graduation…but the way I’m seeing it now, totally new, and most illuminating.

Many thanks to our instructors, mentors, and mentees for their clear and concise instructions, questions, and much needed encouragement.