Family Traditions

Family Traditions

My daughter and I are hosting our family Thanksgiving at my house this year. Throughout her childhood she and her Grannie always worked together to create place markers for the family that came to share the holiday meal.

One year, twelve years ago, we had 21 in attendance. I was thrilled to have both my brothers and their families, all SuperDave’s brothers and sister and spouses, and all our parents with us, some for the extended weekend.

I’ve had to retire two of these precious placemarkers due to the passing of my Daddy, and my Mother in law, but they’re on the refrigerator, as a reminder that they’ll always be with us in spirit, as will all our family members who can’t be with us in the flesh.

As we prepare for a smaller gathering this year, just seven of us, I’m grateful for these little bits of paper colored with our family history, and the time we all had together.