1. I always thought that as I aged I would get more thorny…you know the stereotype…but people like you and J. Hancock and Cilla C and Sean Heffernan and Dr. John Cassone  have managed to teach me how to clip some of the thorns so they aren’t so sharp. I am grateful and thankful for you all.


  2. BobbieZen in that video that J posted the guy talks about that…you can be selfish and giving at the same time. Trust me…while I don’t always appreciate your focus on the positive…I love and appreciate you and so I read, pay attention and am inspired despite myself ; )


  3. Well, Lord knows I’m selfish.
    No one in their right mind would ever dispute that. 😉  
    Love You, too Pam Adger , I’ve learned a lot from you over these past few years…and I’m grateful for the opportunity and better off for the entire realm of that experience.
    I just opened a lower cabinet at work that subsequently scraped the skin off the top of my foot…it’s bleeding and bruising and it smarts like hell. NOW I have something to gripe about. 

    lol Karma.


  4. Sean Heffernan when was the last time you had a comprehensive blood panel done? Vitamin K, B12 and testosterone levels (as well as other hormones) can do a number on mood. If you notice a sustained change for the worse…get some blood work done. Now I say this as someone who knows very little about the actual shit going on in your life…so feel free to ignore my comment.


  5. Pam Adger I’m actually very happy, I just find myself getting very set in my ways in a ‘damn kids, get off my lawn’ sorta way. And I was at the doc yesterday and left with a requisition for all sorts of blood work (including a PSA test).


  6. I’ve been set in my ways since I was 17…I am only now starting to unlearn that stuff. Have you ever gone to the grocery store wearing a tiara? Or maybe get some fuzzy pajamas and wear them while you walk around your neighborhood. Maybe that will snap you out of it. Oh and make sure to take pictures and share…


  7. lol. no on the tiara but I did take the garbage out this morning in my lounge pants, unkept hair, and ratty old tshirt. It was really cold too, but I didn’t take pics of the resulting physiological consequences.

    I have no idea about the A1C. I’d have to check.


  8. When SuperDave wins the lottery he’s promised to wear a pink tutu to work to announce his imminent departure. 
    Can he borrow your Tiara since you’re not wearing it??? 
    Pretty Please???
    With sugar on top?


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