Q. Do you know what I absolutely loathe about blood tests???

Q. Do you know what I absolutely loathe about blood tests???

A. I loathe that I can’t do my own venipuncture. I’ve got super mad phlebotomy skills.

Also, here’s a pic of bleeding hearts.
Pic not exactly related.

Happy Thursday, People.


  1. My veins like to sink, and hide.
    9 times out of 10, we wind up with a butterfly in my hand….it takes longer and it’s a slow draw, but it works.
    I’d prefer we just start out that way rather than have two sore arms after numerous failed tries.



  2. I had to give myself allergy shots while I was in college, Terence Towles Canote …at first it took me a long time to get up the nerve, but I got over it, eventually.
    Since then I’ve had to give myself Imitrex injections for migraines…knowing it brings relief almost immediately, I have no problem sticking a needle in my thigh. 🙂


  3. BobbieZen It is funny. My late best friend had a fear of needles too. He got over it when he found out he was diabetic and would have to inject insulin into himself. It seems knowing he absolutely to had give him shots made him get over the fear.


  4. BobbieZen Can I call on you to do my phlebotomy, and my mom’s as well? We both have truly sucky veins. Lab Corp usually takes 3-4 attempts even with a pediatric butterfly. I wish I could do my mom’s but for some reason, Lab Corp won’t give me the chance.
    : /


  5. I love a good phlebotomist. But I’ve got great veins and I donate platelets often. Once, when a nervous newbie sent a stream of my blood gushing into the air, the supervisor wanted to whisk her away. I made her come back and try the other arm. You gotta learn, right? 😉


  6. I’ve been turned into a pin cushion on more then one occasion BobbieZen​ that’s why iff possible I always look for the one tech who has a lot of stuffed animals, knowing that they are the ones who are special with children so I know they will be smooth & painless!


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