A friend said something on a post yesterday about the lovely sounds of those familiar skips and scratches that only…

A friend said something on a post yesterday about the lovely sounds of those familiar skips and scratches that only our most beloved vinyl can produce. I’ve said and felt the same on many occasion….and then I happened upon this photo I snapped a couple years back while cleaning out my archives. This was my very FIRST record album that I would play. I’d lay on the green sculptured carpet of my Grannie’s living room with my ear next to the speaker box of her couch sized console stereo, and play it over and over and over.

It belonged to my Uncle, who was away during the Vietnam conflict…but today, it belongs to me. I wouldn’t trade this old scratchy vinyl for anything. I still play it, and I’m 5 years old again, safe and secure at my Grannie’s house.

Do you remember your first love affair with vinyl? Do you still have it?

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  1. Wait BobbieZen!  I forgot all about a couple of records that I had when I was very young, and that are long gone.  Probably the oldest was Itsy-Bitsy Spider  and my favorite was something like Soldier and Sailor Songs .  It had Anchors Aweigh, When the Caissons Go Rolling Along, Semper Paratus, the Marine Hymn, and The U. S. Air Force Song (that’s the official title).  I had forgotten all about those!


  2. Yep.
    My 8 tracks were donated to the community room at the old Cooper Arms apartment building in Long Beach, California back in 1988, when I no longer had nor could find a player for them.


  3. BobbieZen I have a very cool collection of vintage vinyl. There are 10″ and 12″ which include such favorites as Al Jolson, Ella & Duke at the Cote D’Azur, Arlington Guthrie, Lena Horne, Elvis and Louis Armstrong among the many others.
    Unfortunately no dates on any of these. But fabulous stuff!
    Interesting to read what Columbia, Capitol, RCA, and Decca used to write on these in terms of copyright and licensing.


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