On Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone River

On Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone River

We’ve been calling this place home for the past six days, and have just 2 days left until we head back home…It’s taken me a while to get used to the occasional winds, (the first night we had sustained 65 mph winds for an hour and a half which woke me from a dead sleep… I thought we were in Kansas, and might blow away), the landscape (every rustle of a leaf was, in my overactive imagination, a rattlesnake preparing to strike), and the weather, 55 degrees one day, 88 the next…(coats on, coats off), but I’ve come to love this place in Clark, Wyoming…just 8 miles from the Montana border. I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to experience this part of our country, and I’m looking forward to returning again some day to the ranch kittens who’ve kept us company, the amazing views on all four sides of the home, and the peace and quiet, even the lack of cell service was welcomed…(but that’s because we’ve got excellent high speed WiFi) 😉 Gotta have that WiFi, I’ve learned.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, Geeps.
Peace Out.


  1. Unfortunately, no Stephen Smith …we should have when we were on the Idaho side, but stayed busy seeing Atomic City, Craters of the Moon, Mesa Falls, Grand Tetons (two days there) meals and shopping in Jackson, Wilson, Driggs,  day trip to Cave Falls, and that was just five days. 🙂


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