My dear mother in law passed away this afternoon while I was with her. The following words are from my daughter, &…

My dear mother in law passed away this afternoon while I was with her. The following words are from my daughter, & all I can say is, I think I did something right. Rest in Peace, Mom. ♡

I just got the call… My Grandma Irene just passed away after struggling with lung cancer. If you smoke, quit now. If you have a cough that won’t go away, get it looked at. It is a horrible, painful and scary way to go. You simply drown.

My grandma was a beautiful woman with a kind heart. She went over and beyond to take care of the wildlife and strays in her neighborhood and hated to be a burden on anyone. Like me she often stayed home and took comfort in her sanctuary. I am glad I was able to see her when I did and that I was able to help her eat her last meal. I was the last one to have a conversation with her before she became too tired, bed ridden and weak. While I am sad I lost her, I am glad it was only a few days as I know she wished it to be quick. It has been an internal struggle for me, especially since seeing her in the state she was. I was preparing myself to sit with her this week as well, but now I hope maybe she will sit with me in spirit for a bit. She didn’t have to love me, I was not her blood, but she chose to accept me as her grandchild, she stood up to my bio father when he did wrong face to face, she was a fearless woman when it came to protecting her children. I will never forget the times I spent with her, and I hope one day I figure out how she made cinnamon toast so good. I will carry her passion for animals and her kindness with me.

One of the last things she said was to ask me a few questions and last of them was “Are you Happy?” I said Yes. I said this because even while I was in tears looking into her eyes knowing that she knew she wouldnt have much time with me, or with anyone…. I am happy in life because I have accomplished some of my dreams, having my own home with someone to share it with who I love dearly. While right now I am mourning her loss, I hope to stay happy in life for her. While we aren’t blood I don’t look at her any less than the amazing grandma she was. I am ever grateful that she accepted me as her own.
I love you dearly and will miss you always.
~Jessie Rae