On Communication

On Communication

I can’t help but think back on how difficult and even expensive it was for me to stay in touch with friends and loved ones back in my early adult years… Hundreds of miles of distance and being unable to share life’s everyday happenings put long distance relationships through considerable amounts of stress. There was no texting, no cell phones, no email… just the USPS snail mail and the once weekly allotted telephone call, waiting for Ma Bell’s reduced after hours long distance rates.

The world has seemingly gotten a lot smaller over the past 30 years, thanks to advances in technology. Still, I wouldn’t trade these old letters or the excitement of waiting for the mailman or jumping to answer the phone after waiting another long week for that telephone to ring, because when we were finally able to connect with and spend time with our loved ones we really spent time with each other…. face to face… eye contact… no distractions from our handheld devices. The only hand holding was fingers interlocked and holding on for dear life.

Give someone your undivided attention today… look them in the eyes and really connect.  Connect, Communicate, Cherish each other.
You can thank me later. 🙂


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