So….we were discussing old bands and reliving rock concerts… Here’s a pic from 1977, on the way to see Bad…

So….we were discussing old bands and reliving rock concerts… Here’s a pic from 1977, on the way to see Bad Company in Jacksonville, Florida.

My first rock concert was KISS, December 10, 1976, backup band, Uriah Heep.  My BFF Libby here, still has our ticket stubs. 😀

What was yours???


  1. She’s African-American and that gave me a bit of an entre to the show, but also made me stand out back in those days. I bet she wouldn’t have appreciated the competition, once your dad dropped you off and she got a look at you.


  2. lol  
    I was 13.
    Pirate’s Treasure. 😉  no competition there, 
    I am willing to bet you got some looks back in 75. That’s definitely one concert I’d have loved to be a witness to!


  3. Dawn Molitor It was. I think my next was Rare Earth. A very different show. From dressed to the nines at the Temps to lots of denim and chambray mixed with a little pre-Saturday Night Fever.


  4. BobbieZen​ The Rolling Stones early 70’s! I remember thinking the floor was going to give way from all the jumping up and down. I also remember in those days, weed was smoked openly in the stadium.
    BTW- For several years was friends with girlfriend Sara Allen who was the namesake for Hall and Oates “Sara’s Smile” and the inspiration for many of their songs.


  5. WOW.  That’s a fantastic First! Susan LaDuke .  I saw the Stones, but it was just a few years ago at Soldier Field in Chicago.  I remember wondering why there were so many “old people’ there before I realized, lol..they were all my age!
    Great piece of trivia re: Sara  Smile!


  6. Susan LaDuke  The Stones were touring with the Neville Brothers in 1981 when I heard them on their Tatoo You tour. Little did I know that few years later, the vague memory of the Nevilles would cause me to go to Tipitina’s to hear them one Mardi Gras, start a relationship, and a life long love for the music of New Orleans.


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