Regression Therapy?

Regression Therapy?
When I was in preschool & kindergarten, I was a lefty. Not only did I use the “wrong hand”, I also gripped my crayons and pencil between my index and middle fingers. I remember the switching process forced upon me with great frustration.
I picked up some crayons this morning and started to color…. midway through my masterpiece, heh, I came out of the zone to realize I was happily holding my crayon between my index & middle finger. It took me by surprise. I was unconsciously doing it my way. 🙂
I’m feeling much better now.


  1. And of course, as Barry Ellenburg​ can attest, all us lefties were obviously servants of Satan & must be punished. Lol
    But seriously I often wondered why and what the real reasons were and if they were strictly superstitious and medieval religious biases or something else.


  2. I see that you skillfully added highlights to the hair. But no fake book titles or secret self-portrait on the wall (remember the silhouette in Alfred Hitchcock presents?).

    Do you experiment with more than one color in a section? Ever tried water color pencils and a wet brush? What happens if you lightly bake the crayon colored masterpiece? Do the colors melt? 

    Is it obvious I haven’t been here in a bit?


  3. My careers accidentally had simultaneous busy peaks over the last week and a half with three basketball games, two soccer matches, and a gymnastic meet as well as some quick turn-around, high-profile, legal briefings/presentations. 
     In the midst of all that though was a very enjoyable trip down memory lane to a wildlife park with an old college roommate.


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