1. We’re waiting for another 6 inches to drop tonight Di Cleverly!
    But actually this photo was taken in north Florida at the ranch… It actually does get wintery there too.


  2. The name of that pond sounds like it was the result of digging a borrow pit for road base when they were putting in I-10, then filled with water from the creek so you can irrigate the cropland and pasture and stock it with fish. Not that that has ever happened in Florida.


  3. They were indeed built and dug by my grandfather Sterling D. Ingram for their cattle ranch… Or perhaps dammed up two low lying areas.
    You know a thing or two about water Bill Abrams. 🙂
    2 large ponds and one Creek on 600 acres.


  4. Looks like it was a combination of digging and diversion. Not as easy to dig when the water is all around you. Ask if it was done either around the early 70’s when I-10 was coming through that area. Or, if it was before the 50’s, It might have been connected with U.S. 90. It’s a way of getting the feds to pay for the dirt and dig it out too.


  5. The property has been in the family for over a hundred years… One house, built in 1977, sits on the old MacDonald homestead and the other home that was built for S.D., by his son, was built in 1962. I have an article from the local electric company that had their home featured boasting about the “All electric” home! 🙂 the ponds were put in late 50’s by our best guesstimate. Bill Abrams


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