Love Conquers ALL

What a fantastic day it’s been. I woke up.  I turned 52 years old.  I went to work, took care of people, managed an office, mentored my employees, was visited by old friends and reps I’ve become close to over the years…they brought me coffee, breakfast, lunch, wine, hugs, and their sweet souls…. I’ve been trying to keep up with notifications wishing me a happy birthday, and in doing so, happened upon the best birthday gift ever.

My old Buddy, Craig, who I met while in Kansas City, Mo. back in 1985 during our TWA Flight Attendant training and have remained close to over all these decades had some special news to share. A Missouri Judge overturned the ban on same-sex marriage.  It was nothing less than shocking and joyful all at once.

Back in the day, Craig and I hopped aboard a plane that took us, and many of our fellow classmates to New York’s Kennedy Airport.  We were given hotel rooms for a week and told to find a place to live.  I searched desperately for places with my girlfriends…but, as it turned out, when I called my Mama to tell her I’d found my new home, it wasn’t with those girls I’d been looking with.

Mama asked the names of my new roomies.  “Craig, David, Scott, Joey and Brian”. ๐Ÿ™‚

lol….she realized then I’d found my own way…and it was the best experience of my young life, to get to know these wonderful people who became my family for the next two years. We cooked together, cleaned house, watched out for each other, partied like 20 somethings do, and we came to love and respect each other, our similarities and our differences.  I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.

Today, my bestie Craig and his 20 year life partner John were FINALLY able to go and apply for their marriage license.  Their Joy was the best birthday present I could have hoped to receive and witness.

When I phoned him on my home from work tonight and expressed my delight….he said, “Bobbie, I never thought I’d see this happen in my lifetime”.  I said, “Dude, I felt the SAME WAY when I got my Illinois Concealed Carry License earlier this year!”.  He laughed.  I laughed. We expressed our love for each other, and our excitement about their upcoming nuptials.

Love…that’s all there is.  Pure, unending, accepting, precious LOVE.

p.s. Since this post, we’ve made the effort to see each other, re-connect, and share time, tales, heartaches, and mostly joys together, because that’s what Friends do. We honor and celebrate the goodness in us All. #LoveWins

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Life is short, be good to each other. โค