Perfect Poached Eggs

A photographer friend of mine, Jason Joseph, shared this recipe for a fast, easy, nutritious, DELICIOUS breakfast. I tried it this morning, and will most definitely make this a recurring meal on my menus.

The Perfect pair of poached eggs. Eggs made with goat cheese, ground black peppercorns and red pepper flakes, Himalayan salt, and Mrs. Dash seasoning. Served atop a bed of sauteed baby spinach with fresh sliced avocado, grape tomatoes and basil from the garden, and even more fresh crumbled goat cheese
Jason's Perfect Poached Eggs - 6
Step One Take a cup line it with Saran Wrap (cling wrap ) I use a rubber band so it stays in place ( otherwise be SURE to hold it with one hand! ) Spray Olive Oil cooking spray or drizzle a little oil of your choice.
Add one egg ( you CAN add two if you like.. I like mine separate  and some cheese.. I like goat cheese with mine but feta works.. parmesan is great too! Add your spices.. black pepper a touch of sea salt.. and maybe even a hint of chili powder!  I used Himalayan Salt, Ground Black Peppercorns and Red Pepper flakes, Goat Cheese, and Non-Sodium Mrs. Dash.

Step Two Roll the rubber band down off of the cup while holding the Saran wrap in place with your hand.. and then cinch up the top so it makes a pouch. I use the bread ties ( I save them for just this reason, and you can reuse them a few times too) Or use some twine if you have it in your kitchen.

While you are prepping your egg pouches (which should take you about 1 minute once you get the hang of it) you should have a small pot of water boiling on the stove.

Step Three Drop your egg pouches in. Be sure to fold the excess plastic in so it is in the water and does not stick to the side of the pot or the outside of the pot. It is simple, and completely mess free.
Cook them for about 4 mins. (Or to desired firmness)  Four minutes makes a slightly runny yellow center.

Step Four In a small pan drizzle some virgin olive oil and place a few large handfuls of spinach up the heat to medium low.. Saute and stir about every thirty seconds while the eggs become amazing in the pot! The spinach should finish just before the eggs do. Plate it up and it will wait eagerly for the eggs to arrive!

P.S. The water I use to boil the eggs..can be used to make tea! WHAM…breakfast is served!
Jason's perfect poached eggs - 1 (1)

Jason's perfect poached eggs - 2

Jason's perfect poached eggs - 3

Jason's perfect poached eggs - 4

Jason's perfect poached eggs - 5