174998_1710265368543_4544461_oJordan Page is a passionate American singer/songwriter spreading a libertarian global message of peace and freedom. His 2011 album release “Liberty” captures the protesting spirit that is missing in mainstream music in the 21st century.  Liberty is a fundamental concept that is necessary in man to achieve his full potential, and so this message is universal. Whether Christian, Jew, or Muslim; whether English, Arabic, Spanish, or Chinese; Jordan Page’s songs speak to the core truth that man must be free at all costs. I met Jordan Page at an Indiana Liberty Event in February of 2011…he played for us at a local restaurant, Claude and Annie’s, and was most gracious and appreciative of those who came to show support.  I made this fan video for him shortly thereafter…and added my own interpretation, and my horror at the BP DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill disaster that ravaged the fragile Gulf.

I can see the chaos fire burning high and creeping slow

Not on some distant horizon, use your eyes! Its like blood in the driven snow

Under the sun in the clouds of Heaven,

I saw the seven headed dragon

& behold! I saw the poor in grief

With just the skin that they’re in and their grinding teeth

When the bread runs out and the well is dry

What will you do to survive when your babies cry?

I saw the sun on the clouds of Heaven,

Whose light revealed the dragon

Serpentine and ravenous for war

& the tribes of men came to gather round

& placed their bids on the floor to secure their crowns

& they ripped down our walls and our laws & our choices

Left by the beast who took our voices

& Lightning lit the heavens as the blood of iron dragons

Spilled from deep beneath the ocean floor

Then the people cried out to be saved & most were forced into their graves

Those who remained were then enslaved & into their skin a mark engraved

& I looked and I saw the sign & the shock of the blast wave left me blind

& the oceans rose with the hurricane

& blocked the sun for the earth to be lit with flames

& we all cried “Armageddon”

as the seven headed dragon

Laid waste the world that we’d all known before

& settled every score

Dragons covering the world

We stand in the shadows of wings unfurled

The bodies of fragile men collide

But the transformation begins inside