Blurs and Unsharp Photography – Guided Play

Blurs and Unsharp Photography – Guided Play 2016, Final Plus Post & Graduation Album

I Meant To Do That

For the past 2 months I’ve been fortunate to be learning about Intentional Camera Movement and how to blur the lines of our perception. Thanks to the Blurs and Unsharp Mentorship supported by the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers and Robin Griggs Wood and guided by the ever-present, uber-talented and seemingly tireless Alex Lapidus I will never again look at my camera, nor my subjects of photography the same.

It’s been an eye-opening experience, even if I had to start out this learning process by squinting. What I’ve found is that Blur brings a freedom to express emotion, calm and energy, through our captures…it has liberated me from worrying over exact camera settings, whether I’ve got a steady hand, or a super-sharp focus. We can tell our stories with the use of blurs and unsharp by conveying mood, color, motion and feeling…and the possibilities to express those things are endless.

We were guided though ICM, creative use of camera apps and computer software, zooming and panning techniques, long exposure, capturing reflections and so many other ways to look at photography, besides the traditional sharp focus.

It’s been eye-opening…it’s been an absolute blast…and I would encourage any and all of you out there who are looking to add new tools to your photographic toy boxes to apply for this mentorship if you get the chance.

I’m almost sad to see this Mentorship come to a close, but I will most definitely be taking the tools I’ve collected during this course along with me on my continued journey.

Thanks once more, Alex, for your carefully considered comments and your comprehensive and detailed assignments. Thank you as well, for offering this mentorship to those of us who have now found our Muse…as Guru Dutt says, you are truly Master of all things Blur.

July 20, 2016


  1. I love these photos and show such growth in skill. I think these techniques also brought a perfect match of creativity and personality for you.

    As a side note. Looking through your graduation album makes me insanely proud that I was with you during part of your learning. I appreciate so much you passing that knowledge on to me.


  2. We had a blast in Nashville! Cilla C …running all over town zoom blurring, panning, night lights… Can’t wait to do it again.
    Thanks for your constant support. Xo


  3. Did we lose a few words there at the end of your wonderful post? What an outstanding collection of varied techniques. Love the one of the sitting woman with the red shirt and bright blue shoes. And the twisting corridor just before it. Oh, and the fireworks! So many wonderful images. 😎


  4. I’m not sure Ken Fowkes …( I actually lost an entire three paragraph post I had intended to begin with, so I had to start over)
    Perhaps I should wait until after my 2nd cup of coffee to post. 🙂
    Thanks for your kind words about my images!


  5. one best thing in this program that i got super awesome cool frnd… Whose name is Bobbie… hurrah… Alex Lapidus  Master is super awesome hurrah… many thanks for awesome Mentorship… and rocking fun via learning… blessings tons… dearest BobbieZen frnd.. superb Graduation Album… your rocks…


  6. So great to get to know you and learn about your escapades in your home of India, still sorry about that monkey bite though, ha!
    Your own amazing work with light and energy has been quite inspiring and I look forward to following you as we continue on, Guru Dutt


  7. hehehe.. not just monkey bite… i got bite by Dog too… lol.. when i was kid… i love dog super much… and when i was 10 i visited one of my dad old buddy home… with my family… i heard they have dog so i wish to see him..and play with him… and dam… that was not dog thats big wolf type dog…. he was un-leash lol… and as soon i saw him i got so much feared that i tried to run on opposite direction of the doggy out of fear and dam he just chased me in 2 meter distance and puncher his tooths in my leg… that day i learned… do not run from dogs.. most dog just come and sniff you but if you run a wolf like dog can attack you… even its a pet dog… and recently i got lucky as one stray cat tries to attacked me… lol.. and i shouted so hard on the cat that it for a moment just become statute then slowly i way back to my path… its 1st time happen.. because usually when i go near a stray cat they ran off but this one… lol.. and ultimately its all my fault as i disturbed there comfort zone… BobbieZen  hehehe.. one cool thing how i got my name Guru Dutt… its a interesting story… as Indian name contain family bloodline name as last name but i do not… as Dutt is not my family blood line name.. hehehe…. check this post.. to knew the story about my name…
    super many thanks dearest…


  8. Hi Darcee McCutcheon ! It has had my full attention these past two months, but I tried my best to dive in and learn everything I could!!! I had so much fun in this mentorship. Thank you !


  9. BobbieZen what can I say that hasn’t already been said by so many, especially as I agree with them all! Wonderful work, beautiful and creative album and wonderful plus post! Congratulations, my friend!


  10. Thank you both so very much, Gernot Glaeser and Ellie Kennard ! I really appreciate your thoughtful comments.. this mentorship was one of the best things to happen to Challenge me and help spark my creativity….I loved every minute of it. 🙂


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