1. Bobbi Jo Woods Besides the luncheon we enjoyed inside and some time on the porch in rocking chairs… Sitting by the fountain is where we spent most of our time there this afternoon.


  2. I’m really surprised that I’ve never been there since I’ve been all around there and know many people who have been.
    Maybe one of these days. Hope you enjoyed your visit.
    Do you know the movie Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve was filmed there?


  3. Katherine Bond Yes … One of their big selling points back in the 80’s, I’m sure. They have a room dedicated to the movie complete with photos of the characters. 🙂
    This is our second trip there and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time 10 years ago. If you ever get the opportunity, do try to go and spend the day on the island!


  4. Wow, Bobbie Dee–that’s some place. I have been through Mackinac on the way north to the U.P. and Canada but have never toured Mackinac Island. Similar in scope to the Greenbriar in West Virginia. Blessings, and Merry Christmas!


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