1. Donna McClure This is a but a very small portion of the mining hats representing those mentioned on the plaque at the museum…the most significant to us, being my father-in-law’s Dad, who died in an accident at the Homer Mine location in 1936. Many immigrants came to mine the iron ore in that area, brothers John and Matt came from Croatia to find work…sadly, his younger brother was the one who set off the blast that killed Grandpa John.


  2. Donna McClure It’s good to know from whence we came…better to understand why we arrived.
    After having DNA tested..I finally figured out why I had green eyes, when no one else in my immediate family did.
    32% Irish, 45% Great Britain, 8% Iberian Peninsula, 6% Scandinavia….lots of other fun things mixed in, Polynesian and Melanesian.
    It’s a wonderful discovery!


  3. BobbieZen that is a very interesting mix! My eyes are hazel, they change depending on what I am weating. They often look greener! I never knew my biological father which leaves some of me a mystery! My mother married very young, it didn’t last long but she did get me out of the brief union. 🙂 She never talked about him or what happened. My dad is/was actually my stepfather but I never thought of him that way nor was I ever treated as if he wasn’t my dad. One of my favorite stories is hearing that I called him Honey because my mom called him that. I was 5 when they got married, turning 6 later in the summer. Good memories! Great discussion.


  4. Donna McClure we have so very much in common!
    I too, didn’t know my biological father (until I was 33). My adoptive father was my world, as was and is my step-father after him…My Daddy (adoptive father) passed in 2013, and my Dad (Step-Father) is still with me at nearly 91. My Biological father has been a blessing as well. There’s room enough in my heart for all of them.
    ❤ My own daughter was raised and then adopted by my husband of 25 years…she's the one who named him "SuperDave".
    Family is defined by those who love, protect, and care for us…I'm so happy to learn of your similar background. ❤


  5. BobbieZen when I was little things were so different thank now. Divorce was not common. I was blessed with wonderful uncles, my mom’s brothers, then Daddy came into my life right after WWII. We lived with my grandparents during the war. I have a vague memory of several serviceman sitting around in my grandparents living room. There was an army base just outside of the town where I was born in & lived in until after I married. Then I moved to California!
    I love how “Super Dave” got his name.


  6. Donna McClure Those are precious memories.
    Not many know about the origins of SuperDave’s moniker. 🙂 But that’s only because they never asked…it’s special, indeed!
    Where I grew up there was a Naval Base, and so our family was naturally made up of and drawn to those who served.


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