Halloween is an ancient druidic holiday, one the Celtic peoples have celebrated for millennia. It is the crack between the last golden rays of summer and the dark of winter; the delicately balanced tweak of the year before it is given over entirely to the dark; a time for the souls of the departed to squint, to peek and perhaps to travel through the gap. What could be more thrilling and worthy of celebration than that? It is a time to celebrate sweet bounty, as the harvest is brought in. It is a time of excitement and pleasure for children before the dark sets in. We should all celebrate that.
~Jenny Colgan, Welcome To Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop Of Dreams


  1. During college, I supervised the Computer Lab a couple evenings a week. I had to work on Halloween, and the easiest costume I could make in 5 minutes was dress like a hippie.

    I was at my desk and one of my students rushes in. An exchange student from Yemen. Kind of mildly frantic and bewildered.
    “What’s happening? What’s going on? Children in crazy dress ring my door and want candy?!”😵

    A Teachable Moment. 😃
    I explained what Halloween was, roughly that the spirits of the dead are free to roam the Earth on this night only.

    Some come to glimpse their still-living loved ones. Some bring signs of their unseen visit so that their souls do not languish, Forlorn. Forsaken. Forgotten. Unwept souls in unkempt tombs.

    Some souls are seeking revenge and will cause mischief, but no real harm.

    Yet others just come to indulge their appetites with worldly treats unavailable to them except for this one night.

    “Trick or Treat” is a request for a Treat, (or else I’ll throw raw eggs down your well: “Trick”).

    Majed was delighted to learn of this strange, new custom, and eagerly went home to give out treats.

    That was 20 years ago. I don’t know if Halloween ever caught on in Yemen.


  2. My fav holiday. All the neighbor kids usually come to the house because we have “the best decorations and treats”. Even after my last move, some of the old neighborhood folks would drive to the new house. Plus, oldest son’s b-day. Sadly, not going to make it home because of work. I’ll be relying on my Plussers posting pics for me.


  3. This work thing has had you gone from home a long long time AngieBby! Angie Person 
    I’ll be home cooking my annual Halloween Chili and tending to my hubby from the colonoscopy he’s getting earlier that day (I thought scheduling it on Halloween appropriate since he thinks it’s the scariest thing ever)


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