Search over. 9/7/16 RIP My Friend. http://www.news4jax.com/news/local/jacksonville/jacksonville-police-investigate-death-on-northside

Cindy Rainey Bland, age 54
Our friend has been missing from the Jacksonville area since a dentist appointment last Wednesday, August 24. JAX police have been notified and are investigating and treating this as a missing person’s case. Please, if you have any information or see her please contact the Jacksonville Florida PD. She was last driving her burgundy Nissan Murano.
Please come home safely, Cindy. Your friends and family love you.


  1. No, not that I’m aware of Cilla.
    She lives with her 89-year-old father, and her mother passed away last year…She had last texted him that she was at the dentist office.. no word since then and she has three grown daughters and some small grandchildren in Jacksonville that she would normally be in contact with. They have attempted to trace her phone but it is off or out of service.
    I’m hoping to amp up the signal because it’s been a full week now and every day that passes we are more and more worried.


  2. Nothing. No news at all. 😦
    The last use of her cell phone and debit card were Wed. the 24th. Friends and family are canvassing and searching for her car..we’re worried about her state of mind, if she’s left on her own, and her well being if she’s met with other unfortunate circumstances.
    I’m just sick with worry. Denisha V


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