1. Good Morning cobalt please ! I gotta tell ya, participating in these #WordlessOnWednesday posts are difficult for me as I want to answer immediately! But I have to stay quiet until Thursday or else the Internet police will come after me!! Lol
    🙂 I love that quaint little town with only one stoplight. I’m happy you like this one too!


  2. I always put my link to Flickr in the comment in case someone wants to know more. Or I try to wait till someone comments and then I explain. I figure it is compliant just to have the image up there. Don’t think most folks actually click the photo. Is this in Wisconsin?


  3. I don’t do Flickr, but I’m thinking I may be the last person on earth who hasn’t joined Instagram….lol… This is Iron River, Michigan, just north of the Wisconsin border in the Upper Peninsula. cobalt please 
    When I’ve commented in the past I got scolded, lol….had to wait till Thursday! Still, maybe I’ll tag wordless along with #NOTWordlessonWednesday  and just do my thing! 😉


  4. Hehehe… It’s funny that I get so inspired when I’m in that little bitty town wayyyy up north.
    🙂 Thank you Sean Heffernan …you ushered me in to night photography, and now I can’t get enough of it!


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