1. Probably not! … but it is fun getting things organized using lightroom and figuring out which other apps we want to keep for post-processing Carmen Mandich . I was happy to read that your computer woes were over!


  2. It seems like there are many reminders that we need to be organized and continue to learn. All the time spent on passing everything onto the external harddrive taught me that I need to do some serious cleaning in my PC library. Although I was nervous about waiting to hear about my computer BobbieZen, I was nicely distracted by trying photos that I hadn’t taken. There is always an upside to everything! o/


  3. I’m excited about continuing these mentorships Carmen Mandich !!! and continuing to play with old photos as well as weed out the duplicates. I don’t think we will ever actually be done …I think it’s going to be an ongoing process from now on.
    And I’m OK with that! 😀


  4. I totally agree with you BobbieZen !! I’m also happy that I kept many of the photos that I didn’t like previously. They seem to lend more possiblilities for play and expanded creativity. Have you seen the “How Do You See” mentorship that Lauri Novak just posted??


  5. You never catch up!!! 🙂 I still have shots from several years ago – through now….it will never end!!! Makes me feel better about not getting out and shooting much lately!!


  6. I did and made sure I signed up! Carmen Mandich 🙂
    Same here Lauri Novak ! Shots I thought I didn’t necessarily like, I can now go back and play with!!! the possibilities are endless.


  7. Lauri Novak Isn’t it great? I recently found a photo that my father had taken before I was born. I discovered that I had taken the same shot, from the same angle as he had and I never knew that we even had been in the same place.


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