Blur and Unsharp Photography: Guided Play 2016

Blur and Unsharp Photography: Guided Play 2016
PlusPost – Week 7- Shooting – Back to the Toy Box

This was a fun week for our virtual classroom….we were allowed to go wild, dig out all our toys, play with new toys and encouraged to try things we hadn’t yet tried, or mastered…. The amount of creativity displayed by all the others was awe-inspiring.
I can’t believe we’ve only got a week left to go. This mentorship has been a blast…and even though I wasn’t feeling up to the tasks this past week, I was able to get inspiration from watching others…and I’ve learned quite a few things that I intend to try out for myself, thanks to them. Looking through my crystal ball, I see lots more fun to be had in the very near future…and I want to thank all those who I played along with for “sharing their toys” their know-how, and their enthusiasm.

Thank you G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers  and Alex Lapidus  for these amazing mentorships that allow us to tap into our creativity!


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