Star Trails

Star Trails
Last night, our last evening up here in the upper Peninsula of Michigan, we waited until about 10:30 PM and drove out to Lake Emily. There I set up my tripod and camera near the dock, and pointed my lens somewhere in the vicinity of the Northstar. I took 116 photos between 11:00 and Midnight and this is my first attempt at capturing star trails.
As we were packing up to leave I was hoping to capture a couple more images of the Milky Way but we heard three loud, distinctive huffs coming from the edge of the nearby woods…and decided it was best to quickly get back inside the car.
Apparently, we were in the way of a black bear’s fishing spot and he or she was not very happy with our presence.
Maybe next time, Milky Way! #NightPhotography


  1. There is no way I could’ve captured all the stars back home with all the light pollution… I had to get six hours north in order to do this! I can’t wait to try it again in a few weeks, without the bear nearby.


  2. I don’t talk about anybody religions so never talk about mine okay, in this case we can roll. Just like before, I don’t care about anybody or what they’re doing, leave me and my religion alone. Yes I’m proud of it because I believed it, yes I’m a Catholic so what??? omg😆


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