Be safe out there this 4th of July…It only takes a spark. Our little Northwoods neighborhood was lit up last night, most likely due to fireworks left to smolder. 3 doors down, but thankfully the responders were able to tear down the burning garage and keep the home from going up in flames…no injuries, but lots of damage. Just so happens I’m in a Blur and Unsharp photography mentorship, so midnight darkness and bright lights were fiery subjects for my latest assignment to capture Excitement and Energy…Now to get back to Peace and Calm.


  1. I’m so glad y’all are safe and the home was saved. It is so dry here that I’m seriously concerned about people setting off fireworks tomorrow night.


  2. Thanks Darcee McCutcheon! My husband was a firefighter for 12 years and this was a bit too close for comfort…the stench of smoke & ashes is prevalent even this morning.
    I took a walk down to the corner and the homeowner is just standing amidst the rubble, assessing the damage …:( sad to witness.


  3. Update… We went to visit the neighbors. Despite the circumstances, they are in the yard celebrating the day with family and friends.

    Resilience is an admirable trait.


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