Happy 5th Birthday Google+ !

Happy 5th Birthday Google+ !
PlusPost – Week 5 – Processing for Blur
#PlusPost  #GPlus5
What a wild 5 years it’s been…Currently I’m very much enjoying my involvement in the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers  Blur and Unsharp – Guided Play Mentorship by the ever-awesome Alex Lapidus  and his crew of dedicated Mentors. This past week we were set loose to create blur in post processing….I’ve jumped head first into using phone photo apps and computer software that I never dared before, in order to enhance the mood and feeling of the photos I take and share with friends, family, and online communities.
It’s been nothing less than a wonderful learning experience…just one of the reasons why I remain on Google+. There are so many positive people and worthwhile communities full of helpful and inspiring artists to help us hone our own skills and indulge in our passions and hobbies.
From Twirl blurs in Photoshop to continuing to process Pep Ventosa style images using layering to using phone apps like Camera Slow Shutter to capture moments in time, I’ve found a new avenue to express myself through images, and the use of Blur photography.
Thanks Again for the eye-opening tutorials, guidance, and support to all you Mentors, Helpers and other participants in the community. You are the BEST!


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