1. That’s an interesting effect. Looks like a (intentional) overexposure. I guess on Thursday we can talk about it? I’m curious if this was post processing, or in-camera settings.


  2. Boo! Cilla C !!!
    Good morning Michael TepidPenguin .
    I’m allowed to speak now.
    Cc: Sean Heffernan 😛
    This was a 30 second long exposure taken at dusk. One element in the photograph was placed into the frame approximately 15 seconds into the shot. The “ghost offering”.
    I only used post processing to tweak the highlights and contrast a bit.


  3. BobbieZen​ Very good, thanks for the explanation. Makes sense. I like the look. I’d love to try it, but I lack the camera.. And a tripod, and time and a cemetery. No, but more power to you, looks great, and quite spooky! Glowing tombstones and ghostly exposures, oh my!


  4. BobbieZen​ What is the “artifacting” from? Is this a compressed image? Or did your camera do some sharpening because of the low light conditions? I don’t mind it, but I wondered what caused it. Take a look at the branches, that’s where it’s seen the best. Anyways, it doesn’t detract from the look.


  5. Not sure, Michael TepidPenguin  possibly from the filter in Lightroom…honestly, I couldn’t say. It was quite dark, and my camera settings are in the photo details. There was a breeze, and with 30 seconds to have a shutter open, that could account for it as well.


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