Plus Post, Week 3

Plus Post, Week 3

This week, in the Blurs and Unsharp Photography Mentorship by G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers  guided by Alex Lapidus , we were asked to practice lengthening our exposures to obtain various effects. For me, this has been the funnest week yet. I’ve learned so many things I’ve never before understood. I’ve used methods and equipment that sat unused and dusty until now, and I’m definitely gaining a greater appreciation for the things that light and time can create. Thanks to the guidance and the patience of all those involved, I’ve been able to accomplish acquiring images I’ve never gotten close to before. Much more to learn, and practice is now part of my daily routine!
Just a few of my experiments below.
Thanks to all the mentors and the helpers and the other mentees who make learning and practicing an enjoyable experience.


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