Plus Post, Week 2

Plus Post, Week 2

I’m fortunate to be included in a group of talented, committed, understanding and helpful mentors and mentees in G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers Blurs and Unsharp mentorship, guided by Alex Lapidus . My last week has been a bit of a blur in itself, with family emergencies and unplanned travels and unexpected absences from work, home, and my planned activities.
But, I’m hoping to hop back into the crowd and continue the learning and the FUN. This past week I was able to sit on the sidelines and watch as others practiced and perfected rotation and zoom blurs. So much energy and excitement when learning to produce new effects! While I jumped in at the last moment, I’m ready to begin week 3 with fresh dedication to the community, so I’m tidying up what I can from this nearly missed week, and moving forward.

While on my weekend to Nashville, TN, I saw this group having a leisurely afternoon at Centennial park…They remind me of the feeling I get inside this group. An intimate gathering of people sharing ideas, exchanging information, being helpful to each other, and generally enjoying each other’s company.
Thanks to you all for being there.
I’ll be there more prominently in the coming weeks. 🙂


  1. Whats funny is that I AM the Grammar Police.
    It stays…I’ve corrected, we’ll just let everyone figure it out for themselves.
    lol…I needed that laugh Dr. Cassone !!


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