So, pardon the hastily snapped cell phone pics, but I’m so excited that my peonies are finally popping!

So, pardon the hastily snapped cell phone pics, but I’m so excited that my peonies are finally popping!

Spring has officially arrived now. Once you plant a peony plant they can live to be 100 years old.
“Roses as big as cabbages” is how the explorer Marco Polo described peonies when he saw them for the first time. via birdandblooms. 🙂

The Peony is best known by its scientific name, Paeonia. This is only the name of the genus – individual varieties of Peony feature different individual Latin names. The Peony takes its name from the mythological Greek character Paeon, who studied with the god of medicine known as Asclepius. Zeus had to transform the student into a beautiful flower when he showed more promise than his teacher and incurred his wrath.


  1. BobbieZen​ my 2nd great grandfather, Samuel Wade, founded the town of Paonia, CO. The peony was his favorite flower and to this day the flowers he planted are thriving in the town park.

    The story of how the town got its name is that someone in the post office thought that Paonia was Spanish for peony, so that is how the name came back from the post office.


  2. I absolutely love that story J Thomas Horton ! thank you so much for sharing it…you’ll have to get out there and take some photos of the peonies that your second great-grandfather planted!


  3. Hoping to catch them in full bloom this weekend, with time to get some good photos. 🙂 I have only the one plant, but it brings me such blooming JOY, it’s worth the wait.


  4. My absolute favorite flower, so lush and luscious! I have huge buds on my bushes but you’re ahead of me BobbieZen
    One of my bushes came from my grandmother’s garden to my dad to my house. I love the history of it.


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