#tbt   2013 Onion Style

#tbt   2013 Onion Style
King Jaffe Joffer , you have made a grueling day just a little bit LOL’er with this #MakePloosGr8Again  parade… I know I’m just an old uncool chick with feels, but I gotta say, It was fun being a playa in the company of the cool kids for 5.9 seconds internet time way back when. Y’all keep on making people smile, and laugh, and lulz…etc. So many #blockityblockblock s…so many #feelz  … two or nein complete misunderstandings….but in the end, I wouldn’t change a thing. OH, and Sean Schmidt , is King, because I said so. Also, Respect your elders. 😉
G’Night Y’all.
Love, Doober


  1. ❤ You're not only Two Hunnit…In my book, you've always been at least #TreeFitty  %.
    Love you too, Jeff. Give Evander McDaniel a big sloppy dentures out kiss for me. xo 😉 And don't forget to look me up if and when y'all make it to ChiTown again. #Frealz


  2. BobbieZen​ stahp with the geriatric shit. That was only hurt McGriddle, and you rode that wave like a champion. Glad you stuck around, sweetie!


  3. I took my Geritol, AngieBby….
    Did YOU? Angie Person 
    😉 #WhiteNightieNights9Evah  
    Also, I love you more than I love chocolate cake with double scoops of cookie dough ice cream with sprinkles. xoxo


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