Finding Your Happy Place

Finding Your Happy Place

Step 1: Give Yourself Permission to Be Happy
Step 2: Decide if You Want to Be Right or Happy
Step 3: Give Up the Delusion of Control
Step 4: Feel Your Feelings
Step 5: Make Haste to Be Kind
Step 6: Judge Not
Step 7: Practice Compassion
Step 8: Forgive Everyone
Step 9: Develop an Attitude of Gratitude
Step 10: Be Here Now
The 11th Step: You Can Go Home Again

Mine, is most often in the Sunshine, on the water, in a boat…and when I can’t get there physically, I allow myself to go back via good thoughts and happy memories.
Where’s Yours?

originally posted 2/16/2014


  1. You’re posting actual words to live by, missy … this, and the quote you posted earlier (today?) are really, philosophically, way of life kind of thoughts.

    Bobbie Zen … not just another meme

    My happy spot today was sharing space with my dog, up nort hey, the most loving and loyal creature that ever was


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