10 to Zen

10 to Zen

Some of you remember me from back when we all used our real names… it’s not real hard to figure out who I am, because my real name is still part of my custom URL here.
I changed it when the rules were relaxed and at the request of my husband… and decided to go with my previous online moniker.

I didn’t make it up and I didn’t name myself… 10 years ago, I had the Good Fortune to meet a fantastic Chef while at conference in Tucson Arizona. He made such an impression on me and our dinner guests that we asked to meet him after our meal at 58°, a wine bar and dinner restaurant…When he came out, we stood up and applauded and much to our surprise all of the surrounding tables did the same.
We were invited back the next evening for a private dinner in the chef’s dining room. I can tell you at first I was a little bit leery because I wanted to go out and visit other places but I reluctantly accepted. So glad I did because I became better acquainted with one of my very best friends on Earth, part of my original crew, my very own personal Hippie. And, we were served a 12-course meal that I will never forget.

We have been the best of friends ever since. He flew to Illinois with his sous chef in 2009 to cater our open house when we opened up our new private offices, and we’ve stayed in touch and visited each other in New Orleans, Washington DC, and wherever our paths may cross.

He’s the one who named me Zen and calls me BobbieZen exclusively… so that’s the name I now share with the rest of the world.
Chef Hippie sent me this cool t-shirt today… his influence in my life and the lives of my daughter and even my extended family has been invaluable. You just never know what surprises await when you open yourself up to people… and it’s a bonus if they’re a Master Chef.


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