My laptop shut down to install a system update yesterday afternoon and I haven’t since been able to reboot…. this is particularly distressing since I have all my photos on there and a project album due ASAP.
I woke up with a sore throat,
We’re still short-staffed,
and our part-time lab collector has decided she doesn’t need to work anymore.



  1. I know all of these are just minor inconveniences in the big scheme of things Eve Aebi​… I’m just super stressed about not getting my assignments completed on time and completely overwhelmed with work right now.
    And if I lost those 413 photos I took out in the pouring rain I just might break down and cry.
    Oh wait …it would appear I’m already doing that. :”'(


  2. It’s a MacBook David Renaud​… and it’s 5 years old, and I’ve had to have it factory reset and more than once… which is why I’m dreading hearing them tell me they can’t save my files.


  3. It’s just one of a few of the many I took that I was able to backup on Google photos from that rainy photo shoot on Sunday Kitten KaboodleInc​​​​.
    Thank you, I’m glad you like it!


  4. no no no.. Eve Aebi , I didn’t take it that way..I was just reminding myself it could be worse.
    (Cue Young Frankenstein’s, thunderclap and subsequent rain) 


  5. Worse comes to worst you can pop the hard drive out of your laptop and use it as an external drive to another machine. It would have to be another OSX or linux machine because Windows can’t deal with the hfs filesystem. Ping me if you need to do that, I can help.


  6. Hey guys.. guess what?? the phones and internet went down at the office an hour ago and aren’t expected back up until 7 o’clock this evening… LOL, way to round out the day, Comcast!!


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